About Us


Bighold Activation is an Advertising & Events firm of PAN India and with a good experience, providing a wide array of Advertising & Events services in almost all towns and villages of Pan India.

In Sep. 2016 the firm was registered and set up as a wholly self-owned Enterprise. Since then the firm has always been ahead in effectively implementing the given projects and to fulfill the needs of various departments and organizations.

Our employees work daily to satisfy a broad customer base: individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments. Based on the given task and people’s needs, Bighold Activations is one of the best companies in creating awareness about the products. Organizing various campaigns both governmental and non governmental. We have an equal hold on both the rural as well as the urban sector i.e. an equal emphasis is given to both sectors so that the people living in backward areas.

About Us

About Us
We Are
  • Engaged in BTL Promotion and Event management
  • Leading implementation network.
  • Most experienced implementation agency.
  • Expert and specialized managerial talents – all well trained experienced.
  • Strong local knowledge of all states.
  • Equal hold on both geographic regions – Urban and rural.
  • Expert in commercial and social advertising.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality
  • Leading BTL advertising company.
  • Experience Pillars.
  • Satisfied Client.
  • Transparent working / Reporting.
  • Experience design team.
  • Reliability
About Us